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Elmin, the Implementor

Elmin is the server owner, coder, webmaster, and overall top dog.

"The man standing before you looks a bit, well, intimidating. He's tall, dangerous-looking, and has the strangest robes... They're black and covered in tiny, moving bits of blue text. You can barely make out a bit... "if ( victim->pcdata->offended != NULL )"... Weird. What could that mean?

You know, he doesn't look nearly so intimidating, now that he's smiling."

Yeesha, Builder of Worlds

Yeesha is the head builder and our resident writer.

"You see a lithe body of a young woman in her twenties. She has finely chiseled features although her nose is a little too strong for her to be called beautiful. Coiled becomingly around her head is silver hair with some shimmering curls hanging loose around her face. She opens her eyes and you see not whites, pupils, or irises, but a star field stretching forever into eternity. You shiver at the sight of this otherworld woman."


Melfice handles much of the player relations, such as answering questions, helping newbies (as a mortal), and general damage control.