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The Aydindril Story

The first thing you should know is that this world is everything and nothing. It is difficult for an outsider to understand. You see this place, this world, is both the beginning and the end. All myths, legends, and tales coincide in this place. The average traveler here has been known to meet heroes out of legends, the average adventurers have been known to challenge gods.
You are welcome here by some, stranger. Others may not be so accommodating. I can promise you nothing but what little aid I can give. But I give you this warning: There is no safety here. Your existence here depends on the strength of your arm and the quickness of your wit. Find allies amid your enemies and keep both close. Beware stranger, there are creatures in this place that would tear your flesh and spill your blood into the sands of time. There is danger here and death but there is also glory. May you survive to gain your reward and may Elmin have mercy on your soul.

   - Yeesha, Builder of Worlds